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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Denise Forte, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in gut health and digestion. I’m a wife and mother of two. I live and work in Burlington, Ontario.

My gut health journey began over a decade ago. After years of constant discomfort and digestive struggles of my own, I not only healed my gut; but by doing so developed a passion to help others live healthier and feel better.

I have over 4 years experience working in the health & nutrition industry. I am a 2018 Graduate from Edison Institute with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. I’m also registered member with The Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners.

​My ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy, happy, stress free life for you that is deeply rooted in healing the gut and creating optimal digestion.

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The DFN Approach

As a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner my goal is to heal the gut, improve digestion, and create an overall better quality of life for you. 

Through comprehensive and individualized counseling sessions, each client receives a personalized plan that is designed to navigate digestion in order to target health goals and reach optimal wellness

After all, a healthy gut is a happy life!


“Denise was wonderful to work with!  She is knowledgeable and her protocols are easy to follow.  I had tried a TON of different supplements and diets to ease my gut issues, but she helped me figure out the root cause with her testing.  Within 2 months, my symptoms got significantly better and I have an understanding of how to manage my bloat/reflux.  She is great at communicating and easy to talk to.  I highly recommend working with Denise for gut health, and wish I did it sooner.  Thank you!"

- Danielle


"I started working with Denise early 2021 for my ulcerative colitis. Right from our first phone call she was kind, understanding and helpful. She instantly put me at ease by validating my concerns and helped to ease my anxiety by answering all my questions. The plan that Denise created for me was collaborative and I felt really integrated and addressed the issues I was experiencing. Her knowledge surrounding the issues I was experiencing helped me gain a better grasp on not only why I was experiencing gut issues but also taught me that it was possible to manage and live with Ulcerative Colitis. She gave me hope and helped me get back a sense of control over my well-being."

- Tiffany




General Consultation

Introductory Meet & Greet (phone or facetime): 15 Minutes - FREE

  • about myself, background, and specific area of interest

  • tell me about yourself, what are your needs, how can I help you?

General Nutrition Consultation (Digestion and Gut Focus): 30 minutes 

For someone who just wants to 'chat':

  • does not require a full deep-dive

  • already has some knowledge regarding their digestion and gut health

  • has met with a practitioner and is looking for more answers

  • is seeking general tips and tricks for better digestion 

Two Month Gut Health Program

Full Personalized Protocol: 

For Someone who:

  • Needs a complete digestive, dietary, and lifestyle overhaul

  • is serious about making major changes to their digestion

  • is ready to commit to healthier and happier life by focusing on their gut health

Step 1: Initial Consultation: 60 minutes 
Review the following:  (to be filed out & completed prior to appointment)

1. Intake Questionnaire

2. Food Journal

3. Client Waiver

  • This will include your goals, diet history, food consumption, portion sizes, food preferences, known food sensitivities, supplement usage, exercise habits, main symptoms, main concerns

  • At the end of this appointment, we will proceed with the Nutri-body Symptomatology Questionnaire sent via email, to help determine the root cause(s) 

Step 2: Personalized Plan: 60 minutes

- Based on the above findings, a Personalized plan will be created. This may include (some or all) of the following:

  • personalized meal suggestions to assist with providing you optimal gut health, supplemental protocol based on your specific needs, lifestyle changes (if required), personalized digestion and gut health tips,  specific ways to alleviate stressors on your gut and digestion.

Step 3: Follow up: 30 minutes

  • check your progress

  • what is working, what is not

  • Review new food journal 

  • provide feedback

  • potential rework of plan

Step 4:  Secondary Follow up: 30 minutes

  • check your progress

  • tweak plan

  • answer questions

  • provide feedback

Are you experiencing any of these?

Irregular bowel movements

Feeling sluggish and unwell

Passing gas after every meal

Have acne or eczema

Brain fog or memory loss

Mood swings and feeling irritable

Feel bloated all the time

Struggling daily with gut health


If you answered YES to any of these questions: Get in touch with me and start your journey to a Healthy Gut and Happy Life today!


Book a Free 15-min Introductory Call

Heal Your Gut, Fix Digestion, Feel Better

Life is too short to feel unwell, uncomfortable, and stressed about the food you eat. Your gut health and digestion play a crucial role to your well-being. Book a call with me today to discover more...


Denise is great at what she does. The tailored plan that she put together for me was extensive and personalized to my needs. Once I had made some of the recommended changes in my diet and lifestyle, I definitely noticed a difference and improvement! If you are interested in getting support on improving your gut health and digestion, I recommend working with Denise!

Emily S


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